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Tyler finally has the life of a normal 10-year-old child

Dear MSAF, Melissa, Yuval, Brian, and George,

Your generous donation supports people like Tyler and his mother Mia, who wanted to thank you personally for your kindness:

My son Tyler was diagnosed with hydrocephalus at the age of 23 months and has undergone 13 surgeries/procedures to date.

My family and I recently participated in the Hydrocephalus Association’s National Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill so we could raise the level of awareness and funding for research. This was an amazing experience… reaching out to our legislators and making them aware of this condition with no cure, and the importance of raising the awareness and funds to research for a cure one day.

Two years ago, Tyler received a new valve that has improved his quality of life. He was a little boy living with hydrocephalus, which caused horrific headaches day in and day out. It was at the Hydrocephalus Association conference in 2010 that I met with Aesculap and learned of their new technology, which has Tyler living how every 10 year-old should live — he wakes up every day now with a new outlook on life. I can turn to the Hydrocephalus Association when I am looking for information about new technology and research. Perhaps my son will not have to have surgery for a while because of HA’s efforts in research and placing pressure on companies to pursue better treatments.

Thank you Brian, George, Yuval, Melissa, and MSAF for supporting Tyler and hydrocephalus research!

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